We have prepared some frequently asked questions for you. If you still cannot find the answer you are interested in, please contact us via the contact form at info@kornatiyachting.hr or call +385 91 605 0647 or +385 91 333 4538

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we have to hire a skipper with the boat?
If you have the necessary licenses and experience in managing the boat you are renting, you do not need to take a professional skipper.
Is skipper rental included in the price of boat rental?
Skipper services are charged separately from 120 to 150 € per day. You must also provide meals for him that are not included in the price. You can let him eat the meals you have prepared on your own or pay him to eat at the restaurant.
Where's the skipper sleeping?
It would be best if the skipper has his own cabin so everyone has their privacy and more comfort. By appointment, he can sleep in the boat lounge, though we do not recommend it.
What licenses do I need to rent a boat?
To operate a sailboat or motor yacht on your own, you must have a valid voyage license accepted by the Ministry of Maritime Affairs of the Republic of Croatia and a certificate of ability to operate a radio station.
What is included in the rental price?
The price of renting a boat includes: navigation and safety equipment on board, dinghy bed sheet The price does not include: final cleaning accommodation tax security deposit (returns)
Are the passengers and the boat insured?
All boats in our offer are fully insured. The crew of the ship is insured against accidents.
Is it possible to rent a boat for one day?
The usual boat charter period in the season is 7 days (Saturday to Saturday). In the pre-season and sub-season it is possible to rent a boat for a shorter period.